Dances of Universal Peace in Iowa City this Thursday

Dear Friends,

Our first Dance meeting of the new season is coming up this Thursday (September 13), at 6:00 PM.  It will be a special evening in a special place!  Please join me at the Sacred Stone Circle at Harvest Preserve in northeast Iowa City to dance in this holy place.  My intention is to do the Healing Dance along with other special Dances.

I have included the link for Harvest Preserve for general information.  Getting to the stones is a bit tricky, so please read these directions carefully!

The Sacred Stone Circle is located west of the main gate.  If you are traveling west on Scott Blvd. (toward ACT/Dodge St.), go past the old barn and the main gate, which will be locked, and continue to the next gate, which will be open.  (If you are coming from Dodge St., you will need to turn before you come to the main gate.)  Follow the gravel road back to the wooded area until you see the stones.  Park in the gravel/grassy area just inside the gate.  I plan to have signs posted at the main gate and the entry to the stones.

Harvest Preserve has graciously allowed us to use the Stone Circle space for free, however, I will be collecting freewill donations which will be given to the Preserve for their work.

If rain is in the forecast, please watch your email for an announcement about an alternate plan.  Call me if you need further information:  338-1778 (home number).

Peace & Blessings,
Sophia Virginia Melroy

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