Dances of Universal Peace – Sunday, 14 Apr 2019 at 3PM

Dear Friends,

It’s that time again–time to dance. We will meet this Sunday to celebrate the coming Passover/Easter season. This Sunday we will meet in the Fellowship Hall which is across from the Sanctuary, in the room with all the tables and chairs. We will need to move some furniture in order to dance, but that shouldn’t be a big chore. Hope to see you there.

Dances of Universal Peace
Sunday, April 14, 2019, beginning at 3:00 pm
Unitarian Universalist Society
2355 Oakdale Road, Coralville

I hope you will join me.

Peace and Blessings,
Sophia Virginia Melroy
Cell Phone: 319-330-5434
Home Phone: 319-338-1778

“From the beginning of time, sacred movement, song and story have brought people together… The Dances of Universal Peace are part of this timeless tradition of Sacred Dance.”

The Dances of Universal Peace and Walking Concentrations are spiritual practice in motion. Drawing on the sacred phrases, scripture, and poetry of the many spiritual traditions of the earth, the Dances blend chant, live music and evocative movement into a living experience of unity, peace and integration.

Quoted from the Dances of Universal Peace International website:


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