The Iowa City Dances of Universal Peace is a local group affiliated with the world-wide movement by the same name. All are welcome. This website offers general information about the local group and announcements regarding upcoming events.

“The Dances of Universal Peace (DUP) are meditative, spiritual practices using the mantras of all world religions to promote peace. The DUP dances, of North American Sufic origin, combine chants from world faiths with dancing, whirling, and a variety of movement with singing.” [Source]

Resources. Below are links to primary sources of information about the Dances of Universal Peace.

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Our website serves as an online resource for people around the world interested in learning more about Dances of Universal Peace. Those interested in starting their own local group are welcome to contact us for ideas, or borrow ideas and inspiration from our website. The maps below show recent visitors from around the world. Click any map for a larger gallery view.