Area Dances Events for October 18 – November 8

Dear Friends,

We had a wonderful and enthusiastic group at our first meeting at the East Side Recycling Education Center. Everyone seemed to like the space, so I am signing us up to use it in the months ahead.

Unfortunately, I have a conflict on the second Sunday of November. Because of the holiday season coming up I have decided not to try to reschedule our date in November. Instead, here are some options for Dances you might want to attend:

  • Fairfield — This Sunday, Oct. 18, in Fairfield. (I’ll forward their announcement separately.)
  • Prairiewoods — Saturday, Oct. 24, at Prairiewoods, 7:00-8:30. (You will need to pre-register for this with Prairiewoods.)
  • Des Moines — Sunday, Nov. 1, in Des Moines. (I’ll forward the announcement for this as soon as I receive it.)
  • Madison — Friday-Sunday, Nov. 6-8, Tasnim and Saadi weekend in Madison WI. (I’ll foward their flier separately.)

We will dance in Iowa City on December 13, so mark your calendars.

Peace and Blessings,
Sophia Virginia Melroy


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